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Who Is Responsible For Your Tax Assessed Value On Your Property?

Struggling with higher property taxes due to a higher tax assessed value on your property? Who is responsible for these values?

The Property Valuation Administrator (PVA) in Boone County is responsible for determining the tax assessed value of homes within the county. This assessment is crucial as it directly impacts the amount of property taxes homeowners are required to pay. The PVA conducts periodic evaluations to ensure that property values are assessed fairly and accurately, reflecting current market conditions. By analyzing various factors such as property size, location, and improvements, the PVA establishes a value that serves as the basis for calculating property taxes, ensuring the equitable distribution of tax responsibilities among residents.

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Jun 22

Automatic increase every 4 years. Automatic 4% tax rate increase every year. Home owners can do nothing to stop it. Don't waste your time contesting the bogus appraisal.

But these increases have to stop or we will be put out of our homes.


Karen Rush
Karen Rush
Jun 20

The local PVA has no choice but to raise the assessments based on current values per state rules. Evidently Frankfort has no interest in giving seniors on fixed incomes a tax freeze so that we will not face continued rising tax rates...essentially taxing us out of our homes.

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