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Jesse Brewer

In November 2018, the voters of Boone County voted me into my first and only elected office — Boone County Commissioner, District 3. I began serving on the Boone Fiscal Court on Jan. 1, 2019, and I look forward to serving all the residents of Boone County during my term.

I am a businessman and former police officer who moved my family to Boone County in 2003. Having grown up in Cincinnati in a single-parent household, I moved my family to Boone County because it offered the quality of life I was looking for in a community.

As the father of four children who now attend Boone County public schools (high school, middle school, and elementary school), I made the decision I wanted to be more involved in their formative years and determined it would be best for me to leave my job as a law-enforcement officer to expand my involvement in my growing real estate investment and property management company.

As an entrepreneur, with responsibility for managing my own investments and being entrusted to manage the investments of others, I have learned that you need to make sound decisions based on solid planning, effective financial management, and sound personnel-management principles. To be successful, I know that it’s critical to make the right decisions based on economic conditions after careful consideration of their overall impact on everyone, not just one group or person. This is the background and thought processes that I bring into my role as your new Boone County Commissioner.

In addition to running my own business, I have spent the past several years sharing my real estate management plans with others through educational seminars and speaking engagements across the country. I have also authored several books on investment real estate, being a landlord, and investing in and restoring foreclosure properties to generate a return and increase their taxable value.

I make it a priority to be involved in all aspects of my children’s education, including their after-school and extracurricular activities. I have been fortunate to participate in many programs benefiting the children of Boone County, including Junior Achievement, youth football, and serving as a member of the parent advisory board that assists with fundraising and other needs for our kids to have successful athletic programs. Through my involvement with these programs, I see first-hand how busy our families are and what is most important to families with young children in Boone County.


This year will be the tenth year I have operated a program called Landlord Santa, a privately funded event I created that helps underprivileged families during the holiday season by providing necessities, such as winter coats, hats, gloves, and even holiday gifts for themselves or their families. Each year, the event has grown bigger and bigger, becoming an event we look forward to putting on every holiday season.

In November 2018, I started The Brewer Foundation for Civic Engagement, Inc., which seeks to promote civic engagement by youngsters who live in Boone County. This foundation awards annual scholarships to Boone County high school and middle school students who demonstrate an interest in or participate in civic engagement activities. Click here to learn more about the foundation.

While I may be new to politics, I am not new to community service. I want to build bridges into the future by bringing like-minded people together to achieve positive results. I want my kids to be proud to call Boone County their home, and I hope they will choose to stay here when they complete their education.

We need community leaders with the vision, energy, and enthusiasm to take Boone County to greater heights. I hope to be that type of leader as a member of the Boone County Fiscal Court.

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