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The Boone County Fiscal Court

What is a Fiscal Court and how does it impact me? 

A Fiscal Court is a name given to the legislative body that governs each county in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Originally, under the Kentucky Constitution of 1891, this body also had responsibility for conducting judicial proceedings within the county, hence the word “court” in its name. But those responsibilities were eliminated in 1978 when the General Assembly reformed Kentucky’s courts to create the existing court system.

Constitutionally, the Fiscal Court may be composed of magistrates or three commissioners at large. Boone County Fiscal Court is governed by three county commissioners and a judge-executive, the head of county government, who serves as an ex officio member of the Fiscal Court.

The Fiscal Court is responsible for setting policy, enacting ordinances, approving the budget, and voting on all fiscal matters that pertain to a variety of direct and indirect county services, including roads, public safety, parks and recreation, human services, and more. 

Learn more about the Boone Fiscal Court by clicking here

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