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The Brewer Foundation's Holiday Angels featured on Channel 19 WXIX.

The Brewer Foundation's Holiday Angels program for Boone County families was featured on Channel 19 WXIX. You can see the really neat video that Channel 19 produced by clicking here.

You can also read the article posted below:

By Ashley Smith Published: Dec. 2, 2021 at 3:25 PM EST

KENTON COUNTY, Ky. (WXIX) - This Friday is a big day for dozens of kids and their families as they get to go shopping for Christmas gifts and other items, thanks to generous donors in northern Kentucky.

“If I can help a child be innocent for just another year and still believe in a miracle that’s great,” says Jesse Brewer, President of The Brewer Foundation.

Jesse Brewer started The Brewer Foundation more than a decade ago when he says he saw the need to help kids and families around Christmas.

Brewer also runs a real estate company that owns several apartments around the Tri-State.

In 2009, Brewer took a handful of his tenants on a shopping spree before Christmas. He said he then saw an increased need and started his own non-profit.

The non-profit was originally called ‘Landlord Santa,’ but was renamed ‘Holiday Angels.’

On Dec. 3, about 80 kids will each get $250 to spend on gifts, toys and winter clothing at the Wal-Mart in Fort Wright.

“I see kids that want to buy their little brother diapers,” remembers Brewer, “Or I see kids that want to buy their mom something because mom never got a present from Santa Claus, or [for] their dad. Or they want to buy their relatives something.”

Brewer says his own childhood helped him realize what it’s like to have that special gift under the tree and more importantly, having a gift to give to someone you love Christmas morning.

“I grew up in a single-parent household and gifts were very, very, very hard to come by,” explains Brewer. “So sometimes for Christmas for us it was like, we would get the favorite cereal that we like as one of our gifts, just to have something open and things of that nature. So it resonated with me a lot.”

Now Brewer has his own kids, and they have become Holiday Angels to help on that one special night each year. They help the kids go shopping and even wrap the gifts they buy for their family and friends.

Brewer says the kids in need are always very appreciative and filled with Christmas joy.

“That tugs on your heartstrings especially when you have children of your own in that age group,” Brewer adds, “There’s really a lot of need in this area and I think a lot of people don’t recognize that. There are a lot of good people that just need a hand up.”

Brewer says if they end up getting more donations today or even after the event tomorrow, they have a list of more children in need and will do a second shopping trip if possible.

You can donate and learn more at this link.

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