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New Sidewalk Projects Announced in Boone County

Burlington, Ky. - The Boone County Fiscal Court has taken a significant step towards enhancing pedestrian safety and accessibility in the community. During its latest session, the Fiscal Court approved the construction of two vital sidewalk projects, one funded by a $400,000 grant from the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.

The first project involves the construction of a brand-new sidewalk along Frogtown Connector Road, stretching from the end of the existing sidewalk to Frogtown Road. This development will bridge a crucial gap, ensuring a seamless and safe pedestrian pathway for residents and visitors alike. The initiative is aimed at improving mobility and connectivity.

The second sidewalk project encompasses a 2,800 linear feet sidewalk expansion along Dublin Drive and Dublin Place, linking Frogtown Road to Irish Way. This expansion will create a more pedestrian-friendly environment, facilitating easier access to key destinations and promoting a sense of community for the residents in the area.

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