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Aging Adults Fraud & Abuse Town Hall. Don't be the next victim.

The big picture. Elder abuse is a silent problem that robs seniors of their dignity, security, and—in some cases—costs them their lives. Up to five million older Americans are abused every year, and the annual loss by victims of financial abuse is estimated to be at least $36.5 billion.

Don't think you're not immune. Hundreds of Boone County residents each year fall victim to financial scams and abuse. While it may seem that you're "too smart" to become a victim, criminal syndicates from around the world have developed some of the most sophisticated scams that has robbed residents of millions each year.

Grab dinner while you learn. On October 13th from 5:00 - 7:00pm, Boone County will be holding a Town Hall at the Boone County Public Main Library to raise awareness about elder abuse and scams. Experts will also share strategies you can implement to protect yourself from these criminals. Dinner will be provided at no cost.

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