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Voting Information

Welcome to our voter information page!

Here, you'll find everything you need to know about voting; from registering to vote, to finding your polling place, contacting your legislators, staying informed about important projects and updates, sharing your thoughts on matters that are important and even signing up to be a precinct worker (and getting paid for it too!)

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How do I
Register to Vote?

New to voting? Just moved to the area?Looking to update your party affiliation?

Or want to verify your voter registration status?


You can handle all these tasks conveniently on the Secretary of State website. Click the button to access the portal and take care of all of your voter needs effortlessly.

Did you know that everyone who is registered to vote has a specific location they must go to in order to vote?


Learn how to discover your polling location by first visiting the Secretary of State website (to learn your district number) and then head over to the Boone County Clerks website to see where you will vote based on your district number.

Where do I
Go to Vote?

How can I
Help People Vote?

When there aren't enough precinct workers, sometimes polling places can't open and people have to travel further to vote. You can help people vote and make $225 by being a precinct worker on election day!

There is a need in Boone County for more precinct workers so don't hesitate to sign up if you are interested.

How do I
Support my Vote?

Are you proud of something that an elected official you voted for has done or maybe you have a concern that you think they should address. Learn how to find your elected officials and how to contact them to let them know what's on your mind.


Click on the button to be taken to an interactive map where you can find the legislator and district information for your specific location.

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